Friday, April 18, 2008

Five-O Without Hawaii

For starters, only those in my age group will understand the title of this blog. Back in the old days, BC being before cable, one of the many police/private investigator TV shows featured the Aloha State and the underside of paradise.

My title, however, refers to the impending arrival of a particular birthday. I have mixed feelings about it but the primary one is disbelief.

Where did the time go? For example, standing on the school playground with the other first-grade parents, I felt totally out of touch with the mom who was expecting a new baby.

As I celebrated the 12th birthday of one son and arranged the party for the other, I knew it was not envy for this woman's situation. More like bemusement.

How did I get here? It seems like just yesterday I was a blushing bride embarking on a great career in journalism. The blush is now a hot flash and the journalism career is this blog.

But there have been three kids, several "permanent" residences and numerous journalistically related jobs in that time, so I suppose it is not so amazing that I have gotten to this point.

What I have noticed (aside from the creaky knees and silver streaks amid the brunette) is some definite old-lady behaviors. Having dinner at 4:30 no longer seems like such a bad idea. Instead of marveling at the sporty convertible whizzing past my morning amble with the dog, I find myself wanting to yell "slow down."

And, of course, I am far from alone in this dilemma. Hordes of baby boomers relate the same disbelief. Thus, the hot phrase is that 50 is the new 30.

Of course, we used to say never trust anyone over 30. So I am not to be trusted either. To be honest, the way my memory is these days, I'm not sure I trust myself.

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Ladydane said...

Dear Kathy, I find your blogs very amusing. Funny, though, I was in the newspaper business for nearly 40 years -- in the production end. I understand your trepidation with turning 50. Four years ago, Easter Sunday, I looked in the mirror and asked myself, how did I manage to get here (to 60)? I don't remember getting this old. Keep up the good blogs.

Sandi Larson (Ladydane4456)
Belle Fourche, S.D.