Thursday, November 29, 2007

An Intro

So this is blogging. For something so 21st century, it seems so easy. But maybe that's what Goggle is creating for our future--a fill-in-the-blanks world. A Google ID and you're up, up and away.

A meeting of the Boulder Writers Alliance on Tuesday gave me a preview of Microsoft's vision for the next few years, via Vista and Office 2007. It is a bright and colorful world with lots of cool graphics and "ribbons" instead of tool bars. Pick a color, any color. No design skill or knowledge needed, just click the one you like.

First of all, the name. What is the Cunning Hand? A play on my maiden name, Cunningham, for starters. And an acknowledgment of my new-found creativity. You see, I was co-editor of my high school newspaper and thus a columnist. The adviser kept trying to get me to come up with a creative name for the column. A previous editor named Pat called his Pat on the Back, because it appeared on the back page. Maybe he was thinking of Cunning Hand all along but hoped I'd come to it on my own. I didn't: I used something like Kathy's Corner or nothing at all. All I could think of was the derisive mangling of the name that (I later discovered) had to do with sex.

I suppose I've always been creative, but am just now acknowledging it and its uses. Like, maybe the last sentence of the last paragraph is going to bring me even more email solicitations for increasing the size of a body part I do not have.

The Cunning Hand is my way of putting into "print" my unique talent for
observing, writing about it and, basically, being a smart-aleck. I hope to make you think and make you laugh.

I am in a very lucky place in life now. My proverbial "dues" have been paid through years of marginally interesting and challenging jobs while raising three children and a clever, successful husband. If I'd been paid for just the meals I've made in the past 20-some years, I'd be rich enough to retire. So, I get to sit at my computer, looking out on the beauty of Boulder's open space, and indulge in something that gives me joy--writing. I hope it gives you joy as well.


Rosemary Carstens said...

Kathy: Welcome to Blogistan--I'm sure your wit and personality will shine through and be enjoyed by many readers. I, for one, loved this first post and it makes me happy to know you've reached a point in life where you can focus on this very personal love--
Rosemary Carstens

Margaret Pevec. MA said...

Dear Kathy:
I know the view of which you speak and I too am glad you are at a place where you can gaze upon it and entertain your muse through writing. I'm raising my virtual glass of chapagne to your leap into blogdom and your ongoing creativity. Speaking of which, I just watched a fabulous YouTube about creativity, the squashing of which is the role of public education. Perhaps you can relate. You can watch it too at

Margaret Pevec

Dancing Mermaid said...

Kathy you are now on a fast road to the big life ont he web :) I can hear your calm voice speaking as I read your words on the first blog out the gate. Congratulations on the new Blog, she's so cute! K.O.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I, too, came with trepidation to the blogesphere but am finding it fun. I enjoyed your first blog and look forward to more. I often wonder if all these thoughts wandering around in cyberspace bump into our brains while making their way from computer to computer. Happy Blogging.

Patrice Rowe (pen St. Onge)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Kathy! The first post is great, keep 'em coming!
Elizabeth Wrenn

author of the novel
Around the Next Corner (Penguin/US),
a.k.a. Second Chance (HarperCollins/UK)

Emily's Mom said...

Welcome to the blogging world. I've found my blog satisfying even if no one ever reads it and I only sporadically update it.
My musings have focused on trying to figure out who I am at this point in my life - and what's next. Sounds like you're in a similar spot - though you have a way to go before you're an empty nester!

CLH said...

I am looking forward to your sights and insights.

Laura Tyler said...

Congratulations Kathy! I look forward to reading more.

Much care,

Andrea said...


It's very cool to see your column come to life! I look forward to seeing more, and learning more about the mysterious life (to me, at least) of Baby Boomers ;).


ClaireWalter said...

As others have written, welcome to the blogosphere. The number of visitors will fall somewhere between tht dream of millions of eyes and the "no one ever" that "Emily's Mom" postulated. But everyone who does visit will get something out of it. At the very least, it's harmless fun. At best, it will entertain and/or enlighten those cyber-stop in.

Julene said...

Great first post, Kathy. It's funny and fun - encourages me to try my own (bare - ha-ha) hand at this someday.
Julene Bair

Kathie Reid said...

Great first post, Kathy! I, too, am a "newbie" to blog-dom, as I started a personal blog just a few months ago. I've yet to test the waters of a blog that would promote my freelance writing services, but enjoy the personal blog enough that perhaps I'll be ready for that soon. Look forward to reading more of your thoughts.
~ Kathie Reid

Kristin said...

Consider yourself bookmarked, girl! What a wonderful beginning. Keep it up, but please don't pass the broccoli cookies...